The library’s Special Collections Research Center is pleased to present a new digital bookplate in honor of the Brengelman LGBTQ Collection.

Brengelman LGBTQ Collection
Digital Bookplate

Dr. Frederick Henry Brengelman (1928-2019) was a professor of Linguistics at Fresno State for 50 years. In fact, he founded the Department of Linguistics in 1968 and enjoyed a long and successful career as an esteemed and skilled educator. In his personal life, Brengelman was an early pioneer and advocate for LGBTQ rights. He curated his own LGBTQ book collection over the years. These are the books from his collection, donated to the Special Collections Research Center posthumously by his family in 2019.

More about Dr. Brengelman, a valuable voice in the chorus of Fresno’s LGBTQ+ history: Fresno State Campus News | Losing a valued member of the campus community

Featured selection from SCRC student assistant: The Lavender Screen by Boze Hadleigh

Cover of The Lavender Screen by Boze Hadleigh

The first time I saw an LGBTQ+ person on screen, they were used more as a comedic device than as a character. The Lavender Screen by Boze Hadleigh talks about a large handful of movies that included LGBTQ+ characters that, even when comedic, were people and characters, not plot devices. As an avid movie and television watcher, it is nice to see ways in which LGBTQ+ people have been present throughout Hollywood cinema history.

Ben Nehring (he/him/his)
B.A. in History, 2020 (Fresno State)
candidate for M.A. in History (expected Spring 2024)