Vintage edition of the Collegian is transformed into a digital format on a mobile phone.

The Henry Madden Library digitized collections site has a fresh new look. The digitized collections consist of over 80,000 items which include, photographs, yearbooks, maps, aerials, and newspaper publications, to name a few.

The digitized collections allow anyone to browse unique, historical items right at their fingertips. The webpage for the collection is organized by subject, collection, creator, date, and format with an Advanced Search bar for easy navigation.

A page from the 1984 Fresno State year book featuring cheerleaders and Time Out
A page from the 1984 Fresno State yearbook found in the Henry Madden Library Digitized Collection.

The collections feature vintage issues of Fresno State student newspapers The Collegian and Insight. Hye Sharzoom and La Voz de Aztlan, ethnic supplements of The Collegian, are also available for viewing. These publications explored the Armenian and Chicano movements of the time.              

The Woodward family’s personal collection and aerial photos of the Central Valley through the years are among the thousands of captivating photographs in the digitized collection.

A 1937 aerial survey photo of Fresno County shows agriculture land with a river running through it.
This 1937 aerial survey photograph of Fresno County is one of many in the Henry Madden Library’s Digitized Collection.

The digitized collections also highlight the amazing artwork that is displayed all over the Henry Madden Library. This artwork includes a Steinway Grand piano, Native American baskets, sculptures, a printing press and framed artwork by Jeff Hill, a local artist and former employee of the Henry Madden Library.

This fascinating content and more can be viewed on the Henry Madden Library website homepage under Collections.