Man pulls a bundle of native plants from the ground in front of the library

Have you ever taken a moment to explore the Native Plant Garden, just north of the Henry Madden Library’s entrance? If you were on campus last week, you may have noticed volunteers from Table Mountain Rancheria harvesting the garden to carry on local Native American traditions.

This no-irrigation organic garden features river sage, redbud trees, deer grass and other critical ingredients in the basket-weaving process. Names of the plants and tools such as deer bone awl, are etched into the granite walls in three languages: Mono, Gashow and English.

A bundle of sticks laying on the ground

The Native Plant Garden sits near the Library’s striking five-story elliptical Table Mountain Rancheria Tower, which symbolizes a twined cooking basket. The woven imagery of Native American baskets can be seen throughout the building’s design.

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On top, a photo of the library's exterior. Below, the anniversary logo.