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video studio-2Henry Madden Library is now offering the latest video technology to the Fresno State community in their new Video Studios in the Music and Media area of the Library. The studios are designed to be plug-and-play spaces for creating video content, vlogs, and working on cross-curricular projects. In conjunction with the Library’s media labs, the video studios help expand the community’s ability to create, adapt, and edit video media in one space in the Library. 

“These video studios will provide broad access to media creation for our students,” says Del Hornbuckle, dean of library services, “and provide an effective way for faculty to integrate digital media into their curriculum. We hope the labs inspire our students and faculty to work collaboratively and in new and innovative ways, no matter their field of study or expertise.” 

The Library administration and Music and Media specialists will host a ribbon cutting celebration on Monday, January 27th from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the Library’s 3rd Floor North. All are welcome to attend, try out the Video Studios, participate in hands-on activities, and learn more about the Library’s future Innovation Space. Coffee and cake will be served. 

The Purpose of the Video Studios for our Campus Community

The Video Studios allow student content creators to generate video with high production value suitable for a variety of educational and professional applications. For example, students can create oral history projects, business presentations, voice overs and explanatory content, design summaries, research presentations, and audition files.

Each of the two video studios is equipped with high-quality video and audio equipment for video content creation. The rooms include remote-control camcorder, microphone on boom arm, two studio LED lights, and professional touches such as anti-glare paint. Students may reserve a Video Studio online, and can also check out storage media and other tools once they report to the Music & Media desk for their reserved time. 

The video studios are intended to require little mediation: after a brief orientation from staff, students will be able to use simple instructions to create their projects. Assistance is also available with video editing in the Music & Media area of the Library. 

The Video Studios will enhance equity and access by lowering cost and barriers so that all students can create high quality media. Along with our Tech Lending Program, this new service assures that every student has access to the equipment and expertise they need regardless of major, etc. 

First Phase of the new Library Innovation Space

The Video Studios have been planned for the past year in consultation with academic departments, faculty, and students, and we’re excited to bring them fully online this January.  In the coming year, however, we will be advancing a plan for a fully-realized innovation space. 

The space will also include AR/VR/XR capabilities, which are coming in Spring 2020! The Library has purchased equipment, installed monitors, and will be providing access to these capabilities for special events as the space and services are further developed. 

Growing Potential

Over the past year, Library staff have visited cutting edge spaces in libraries and departments at a range of institutions: maker spaces, AR/VR/XR labs, robotics labs, visualization labs, and other facilities. Now that we know the best of what is offered, we are bringing our findings back to Fresno State to see what spaces, equipment, and services will best support our own students. 

If you’d like to offer Henry Madden Library feedback on the video studios or the future of our Innovation Space please let us know. We’d love to hear what technology you’d prefer to see in our building!

You can contact Keaton Johanson or Terry Lewis at (559) 278-2158 or for more information on the video studios in Music and Media.



Posted by H. Parish
Written by various Library Staff.