Julie Moore

Julie Renee Moore, the Special Collections catalog librarian at Henry Madden Library, has been named the 2020 recipient of the Margaret Mann Citation Award.  The Margaret Mann Citation is the nation’s highest award for catalogers and recognizes outstanding professional achievement in cataloging or classification for i) notable publications; ii) outstanding contributions to professional cataloging associations; iii) outstanding contribution to the technical improvement of cataloging and classification; and iv) outstanding contributions in the area of teaching cataloging and classification.  Michael Gorman wrote in his nomination that though recipients only had to meet one of the criteria for the Citation, Moore met all four.

This award is sponsored by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS), a division of the American Library Association (ALA). The award will be presented on Saturday, June 27, 2020 at the ALCTS Awards Ceremony at the 2020 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. In attendance will be Gorman, former dean of the Henry Madden Library (1988-2007) and a past president of ALA the 1979 recipient of the Margaret Mann Citation.

 “I am incredibly humbled and honored by this! This is an important award, the highest national honor for cataloging librarianship! I know that this is a very competitive award, and that there are many excellent and deserving catalogers out there. I am absolutely thrilled beyond words! This is definitely the crowning jewel of my career!” – Julie Moore, on being notified of the award.

The Mann Citation includes a $2,000 donation in the recipient’s honor by OCLC, Inc. to the library school of the winner’s choice. Moore has chosen her alma mater, the University of South Florida (Tampa), Information School, Program for the MA in Library and Information Science, to be the recipient and has requested that the monies be used for a scholarship go to a promising and deserving student.  Her advanced cataloging professor, Dr. Vicki Gregory, who is still teaching at the University of South Florida, was ecstatic at hearing the news and commented on how grateful a lucky student will be for this scholarship.

Moore has been a dedicated cataloger for more than 30 years and has wide experience in applying cataloguing and classification standards to a variety of library materials during a period of unprecedented change in those standards, the nature of cataloguing work, and systems that use catalog data. Through all those changes, she has ceaselessly sought to keep up-to-date and maintain high standards. Throughout her career, she has contributed in exceptional ways to the practice and teaching of cataloguing across the country through her instruction, publications, leadership and mentorship.

Nominators noted the generosity Moore has shown in sharing her expertise. She has been active in the professional associations ALA, ALCTS, the California Library Association (from which she received the 2010 CLA Technical Services Interest Group Award of Achievement), the Alaska Library Association and Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC), the national association from which she received the Nancy B. Olson Award in 2010 for her career achievements and contributions to audiovisual and special formats cataloging.

Moore’s contributions to special formats cataloging are particularly outstanding. She has written articles, conducted numerous workshops pertaining to cataloging standards, particularly on Resource Description and Access (RDA), and contributed to the development of best practices for cataloging audiovisual and special formats materials using current standards.  Most recently, she chaired an OLAC Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) task force that published Best Practices for Cataloging Objects Using RDA and MARC 21 in January, 2020.

She interacts regularly on cataloging electronic discussion lists, dispensing useful advice based on her experience. A national expert in the field, Moore has actively participated in national policy discussions, serving on and actively collaborating with other catalogers. She was recently asked to chair CAPC but reluctantly had to decline due to professional constraints.

Moore has worked as a catalog librarian and now the Special Collections catalog librarian at California State University, Fresno since 2005. She received tenure and was promoted to full librarian in 2009. Moore is a principled and committed champion of excellence in cataloging and a national leader in cataloging objects and special formats. Between publishing the OLAC Best Practices for Cataloging Objects Using RDA and MARC 21 and the Margaret Mann Citation, this has been a banner year so far for Moore in a long and distinguished career.

Moore is also an ardent and devoted advocate for social justice, having served on President Castro’s inaugural President’s Commission on Human Rights and Equity. She initiated a discussion last year with the CSU-wide Unified Library Management System’s Resource Management Functional Committee to change the “illegal aliens” subject heading used as the standardized heading in libraries globally. This was in response to a movement started by students at Dartmouth College, a part of the national immigration debate.  The debate is captured in an award-winning documentary now being shown around the country, entitled “Change the Subject.” Although the term has not changed officially on a national level, the 23-campus ULMS and the CSU Council of Library Directors made the decision to change it within our shared library catalog system.  This resulted in a “Radical Changemakers” award from the Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success on February 4, 2020.

Congratulations to Julie Moore on a remarkable career of dedication, excellence and service!  Long tenured and now a senior library faculty member, Moore serves as an inspiration to all the up-and-coming catalogers, not just in what she has achieved in the past but what she continues to strive for and what she stands for, day in and day out.

Written by Tammy Lau

Photo by Rebecca Reid