A banner with the words "Celebrating 10 Years of The Henry Madden Library" in the Leon S. Peters Eclipse Gallery.

An exhibition honoring the 10th Anniversary of the Madden Library’s expansion is now open in the Leon S. Peters Ellipse Gallery in the Henry Madden Library. This incredible exhibition details the Library’s journey through time and beyond, beginning at its early years at Fresno City College to its relocation to our current campus. A photo gallery in the exhibition offers a timeline into the Library’s major milestones such the completion of the “new” Library all the way to the new Library’s one millionth visitor.

A photogenic timeline from 1911 to 2019.

The exhibition also captures the Henry Madden Library’s turbulent times. Among the items in the collection, is a rock that was thrown at one of the Library’s windows during a period of student unrest in the 1960’s-1970’s. The photographic timeline also includes mention of students protesting the rising costs of tuition in 2010, a movement that resulted in an overnight occupation of the Madden Library. 

Visitors will also get to view the technologies that were used throughout the decades. Most CSU libraries used card catalogs to keep track books in the Library, which contained information about a book’s author, title, subject and date of publication. However, this form of data collection could not keep up with evolving technology and was eventually replaced with computerized library management systems. Additionally, the exhibition takes a look into the Library’s future plans to invest in cutting edge technology such as a visualization wall and makerspaces.  

The end of the photogenic timeline shows the future of the Library with plans to install a visualization studio and makerspaces.

The most intriguing item in the exhibition is a voice installation created by the Laureate Lab fellows and Fresno State students. “REcarding the CATALOG” is a sampled, layered and distorted audio loop that is made up of words and phrases from the Henry Madden Library’s card catalogs. The installation also invites visitors to keep the card catalog growing. They have the option of picking a word then listening to the voice sculpture and writing down what they envision.     

The voice sculpture "REcarding the CATALOG”

To view these fascinating items and more, check out the 10th Anniversary Exhibition in the Ellipse Gallery on the third floor, North Wing of the Library. This free exhibition is open to the public through March 8th.    

Learn more about the Library’s 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Henry Madden Library remodel and North Wing expansion.

On top, a photo of the library's exterior. Below, the anniversary logo.