Zoom, zoom! Hey Fresno State grads and Henry Madden Library fans! If you’re tired of your plain white wall background, check out these Zoom virtual backgrounds from Madden Library graphic designer David Celaya.

For grads, we have several designs to choose from. Announce that you’re a 2020 graduate! We’re proud of you!

For our library fams, we have a few options, too. If you miss studying in the library, you can snap up one of our HML backgrounds.

Or if you’re just needing a hefty dose of the Fresno State Red and Blue, we’ve got you covered there, too.

We have two galleries: Regular and flipped (in case you can’t find the Mirror View option on your Zoom!). They are designed so that the principle words are top-center, so they’ll work on vertical Zoom (like your phone), as well.


Regular backgrounds: 


Flipped versions, if that’s how you roll: