Arnel Ordonio looking through a 3d printed paw

First-Year Student Experience Librarian Ginny Barnes and Tech Lending library specialist Arnel Ordonio are ready to welcome students to the Henry Madden Library for the fall 2020 semester.

The two are teaming up to give students at home an orientation on the library, virtual services, and more via our Instagram channel.  They’ll go live on IG three times over the next two weeks to cover library info and to help get students started. The IG Lives will be saved and uploaded to our IGTV and YouTube channels later for replays.

“Welcome Bulldogs!” says Barnes. “Join us for an introduction to virtual library services and how to check out Tech Lending equipment. We also give you a tour of the library space and info on what to expect when visiting the library.”

Barnes and Ordonio will walk through different aspects of the library experience during three different sessions:

Part 1 – Get Served: Accessing library services and collections
Friday, August 21, 2-3 pm

Part 2 – TechTok: How to check out material from Tech Lending
Monday, August 24, 2-3 pm

Part 3 – Meet the Building & AMA: Take a look inside the library + An Ask Me Anything with Ginny and Arnel. 
Friday, August 28, 9-10 am

Two of the library’s most engaged employees, Ordonio and Barnes have a passion for connecting students to the information and materials they need to succeed. Don’t miss them on IG!