Olivia Estrada, library services specialist – electronic resources

Olivia Estrada first came to work in the Madden Library as a clerical assistant in 1984, typing index cards that would be used in the old card catalogs. Olivia now retires as a library services specialist in Electronic Resources. Talk about a career that moves with the times! 

We caught up with Olivia via email to talk about her time with the library and what she’s looking forward to!

What is your current position with the library?
Library Services Specialist III

What was your first position in the library or on campus?
Clerical Assistant I in the Library Government Publications Department

How many years of service have you given in the library?
Library Government Publications, 28 years
Electronic Resources Management 10 years

What are your plans after retirement? What are your hobbies? 
I plan to relax and enjoy my free time. I hope to find a hobby – I will have the time to pursue one!

What changes have you seen during your time as a library employee? 

  • When I began working in the Library, we still used a card catalog, then moved to online.
  • I experienced the old library building being torn down, my department was in that building.
  • The new building being built and the move back into our new area.
  • I’ve worked for four Library Deans, Lily Parker, Michael Gorman, Peter McDonald and Del Hornbuckle.
  • My responsibilities when I first started working in the Library were typing index cards that would be filed into the card catalog.  When we went online my worked changed from typewriter to PC. We used reference books to find information to searching the many electronic resources we now have. 

What are your fond memories of Fresno State staff/faculty/students?

  • I have enjoyed working with everyone in the building.  I made some great friends along the way.  I have always appreciated all the librarians and their work with the campus community. But I am privileged to have worked with talented and highly skilled library staff.
  • I am honored to have been part of the student assistants’ college experience.  I keep in touch with some of them, I have been able to see the progress and success they have achieved after they have graduated.

What are you most gratified by in your career here?
I am grateful to have served the Library, the campus community, and the students.

Are there any colleagues (past or present) who have inspired you, helped you, or taught you in your career here?
The colleagues that have been important to me are Irene Cota, my first supervisor, I learned so much from her. My current supervisor Dolly Lopez has been an extraordinary supervisor.  I’ve learned so much from her, she has been a great leader, teacher, and example to me.

What advice would you give to a new library employee?
My advice to the new employee is to be open-minded to the position, it is very challenging, ever-changing and you are constantly learning.

Thank you so much, Olivia, for all you have given to this library over the years. Your insight and willingness to help will be much missed. We wish you all the best for your future!

Olivia Estrada’s last day on campus is March 28, 2022 and well-wishes can be left for her in the comments.