The Henry Madden Library invites you to join us for a guest presentation on Open Education. Many in the Fresno State community are familiar with Open Educational Resources (OER) as one way of providing low or zero-cost course materials. Open Pedagogy uses OER and additional Open Educational Practices to engage and empower students in collaborative educational experiences. Please mark your calendar and register to attend this important presentation.

Regina Gong: “Leveraging OER for Open Pedagogy”

Tuesday, April 5, 12pm [Register here!]

Dr. Regina Gong

Over the last decade, much of the focus of the open education movement has been around creating and adopting Open Educational Resources (OER). OER are openly licensed educational materials, usually with Creative Commons licenses, that can be reused, retained, redistributed, revised, and remixed. Some of the most exciting frontiers in open education are in open pedagogy, widely understood to consist of teaching and learning practices enabled by the use of OER. It can also be called open educational practices, a site of praxis, where theories about learning, teaching, technology, and social justice enter into a conversation with each other and inform the development of educational practices and structures. The open environment empowers educators to step away from the confines of static textbooks and traditional assignments and opens the door to imaginative, collaborative, engaging educational experiences that can help transform teaching and learning for the better.

This presentation will delve into open pedagogy and the creation of a learning community at Michigan State University (MSU) that brings together educators who are using OER in their courses and would like to incorporate practices that leverage the affordances of these openly-licensed materials and open education more broadly. This entails involving students in the co-creation of knowledge and sharing practices that demonstrate effective student participation and engagement.

Regina Gong is the Open Educational Resources (OER) & Student Success Librarian at Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries. In her role at MSU, Regina leads and oversees the OER program including the OER award and the OER publishing services. She also facilitates the Open Pedagogy Learning Community at MSU and chairs the OER Program Advisory Committee.

Regina is actively involved in the open education community and has done numerous national presentations, keynotes, webinars, and workshops on OER, open education, open educational practices, and Women of Color in OER (#WoCinOER). Regina currently serves in the Open Education Conference Steering Committee, SPARC Open Education Advisory Group, and a faculty for the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) Institute for Open Educational Resources. She also provides leadership as chair of the statewide Michigan OER Network (MI-OER)—a community of practice, and a coalition of OER advocates across K-20 in Michigan. Previously, during her time at Lansing Community College, she was a member of the SPARC Steering Committee and the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER), where she served as VP for professional development for three years.

Regina was a recipient of the OER Research Group Fellowship and a Global OER-Graduate Network (GO-GN) member. She obtained her Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Wayne State University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration at Michigan State University’s College of Education. Her research focus is on Women of Color (WOC) academic librarians doing OER work—applying a critical lens to interrogate their lived experiences based on their race and gender identities.

You can follow her on Twitter @drgong.