“Proud to be Out: The Brengelman LGBTQ Collection and Homosaurus”
Dr. Fred Brengelman Digital Bookplate

The Special Collections Research Center is excited to share our latest exhibition, “Proud to be Out: The Brengelman LGBTQ Collection and Homosaurus” with everyone on campus (and beyond)!  Homosaurus is a new controlled vocabulary approved by the LGBTQ+ community.  

We invite you all to come up and see the exhibition though there’s no rush as it will be up for the academic year.  We’ve had a lot of interest from the campus community and we aim to reach out to professors to see if anyone would like to incorporate any of these books into their curriculum.  

I also want to highlight the work that Julie Moore, Wen Pulido and their student assistant Ben Nehring (History, 2024) did on cataloging the Brengelman collection and incorporating Homosaurus terms that supplement and enhance the Library of Congress subject headings.  

Our policy with this collection is that though it is on display, all of it is available for research, so we will be glad to remove any book from the case should someone want to review it.  

For a full list of all the books, please go to the digital bookplate site:  https://library.fresnostate.edu/info/bookplate/brengelman-lgbtq.

-Tami Lau, Librarian
Head of Special Collections Research Center